Conscious Movement

Move more, become more agile and let go of your tensions.

I help you to feel great and create more awareness about how you move. As a result, you will increase your strength, flexibility and control and will be more connected with your mind and body.

No matter if you consider yourself as a beginner or if you are a dedicated athlete, my classes will help you achieve your goals. I teach a combination of Pilates, Feldenkrais and Yoga, although I am always searching for inspiration in other disciplines as well as in the natural world.


Increase your muscle elasticity and improve the range of motion of your joints.



Strengthen your whole body, with a greater focus on the deep muscles that support your spine.



Acquire a greater control of your body and a balanced relationship with you mind and spirit.



Hi, I'm Sandra

And I am so HAPPY that you found me. Since you are here, I will tell you a bit about me.

I was born in MADRID, in a suburb close to the airport called San Fernando de Henares. A place I visit often to see my incredible and supportive family and all the friends I grew up with.

As a child I loved playing in parks, dancing and painting. My favourite cartoons were hands down 'ONCE UPON A TIME... LIFE' and I practiced ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS from the age of four. I have always been a "body geek" with a profound curiosity for how the human body works, moves and fuels. While in University, and after taking a few courses in personal training, I started teaching group classes in Sport Centres and it was then when I discovered Pilates.

I loved Pilates so much, I decided to start teaching it. I obtained my first certification over ten years ago and my most current teacher training has been with POLESTAR PILATES. What started off as a hobby has become what I do for a living now.

This decision was life changing, as it allowed me to pursue a career as a movement professional that best suits my LIFESTYLE, that allows me to constantly GROW, LEARN and CHALLENGE myself and with the added benefit and reward of HELPING OTHERS. I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity of teaching while travelling around the world. Since 2010 I have travelled and worked in London, Sydney, Asia, many Spanish cities, Zürich and Paris. Now you can find me in Vienna, where I will be based until the end of April 2019.

If you are still reading this and would like to WORK WITH ME, do not hesitate to get in touch, I would love to meet you! Perhaps you are also a teacher and you might fancy to exchange classes... Please send me a message now and let's learn from each other!

Mat - Reformer - Cadillac - Wunda Chair - Ladder Barrel - Spine Corrector


I have a huge passion for COMMUNICATION and meeting PEOPLE (my background is in Advertising and Public Relations). And since my job as a teacher takes me to a different city every 2-3 months, what a better way to unite these two than offering CLASSES and WORKSHOPS in the community where I live.

I love to feel at home in every place I go to, get to know its people and collaborate with the local businesses. SEND ME A MESSAGE to request more information.


Tell me what you want to accomplish and I will design a program that suits your needs and helps you achieve your goals


Book a single class, twice per week, my 6-weeks-transition program. Or maybe a workshop for you and your friends and co-workers. We can arrange it at your place, office or even outdoors!


I can teach your class or workshop in either English or Spanish.


Send me an e-mail to request information about schedule and locations: info@pilateseverafter.es

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If you prefer send me an e-mail to info@pilateseverafter.es